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Bebop Scale Workout

Everything You Need to Learn and Engrain The Bebop Scales

Taught by: Teague Bechtel

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    19 videos (4:37:39), 16 PDF files
  • Abilitiesbeginner, intermediate, advanced, master
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Course Description

In this course we start with the basic theory behind the bebop scales, going through basic and advanced exercises, and finish by breaking down 10 bebop licks from the jazz masters.

Begining with a basic chord-scale theory lesson, this course works through the basics of what the major, minor, and dominant bebop scales are, how they fit each chord harmonically, and the best way to play them on the guitar neck. From there we work together through some basic exercises to develop some fluidity with the scales. Once you have that under your fingers we add some starting and ending points for the scales, some chromatic embellishments, and start working towards developing some elongated lines over static dominant chords. The next step is to combine the dominant bebop scales with other scales to form II-V-I relationships. Finally we get into some more advanced exercises to build up your comfort with the bebop vocabulary, and finish by analyzing and playing 10 transcribed bebop licks from jazz greats, Freddie Hubbard, Peter Bernstein, Pat Martino, Michael Brecker, and Hank Mobley.

    • Bebop Scales Blast Introduction Video
      1 video (02:41)

      Video introduction to the course.
    • Bebop Jazz Theory Lesson - Chord-Scale Theory
      1 video (10:10), 1 PDF file

      This lesson is a crash course covering all the jazz theory that you'll need to work through the lessons in this course.
    • Part 1 - Lesson 1
      1 video (15:00), 1 PDF file

      This lesson covers the basics of the major, minor, and dominant bebop scales.
    • Part 1 - Lesson 2
      1 video (12:03), 1 PDF file

      This lesson focuses on keeping chord tones on the beat, and non-chord tones off the beat.
    • Part 2 - Lesson 1
      1 video (17:45), 1 PDF file

      This lesson deals with arpeggios off of chord tones, chromatic enclosures, and starting non-chord tones on the beat.
    • Part 2 - Lesson 2
      1 video (09:11), 1 PDF file

      This lesson is all about developing the perpetual motion exercise.
    • Part 2 - Lesson 3
      1 video (20:40)

      This lesson focuses entirely understanding the process of moving our bebop exercises through all 12 keys.
    • Part 2 - Lesson 4
      1 video (15:27), 1 PDF file

      This lesson focuses on building speed and picking accuracy in your bebop scale playing.
    • Part 3 - Lesson 1
      1 video (12:03), 1 PDF file

      This lesson covers developing rhythmic variety in your bebop lines and ends by building our own bebop lines together.
    • Part 3 - Lesson 2
      1 video (19:01), 1 PDF file

      This lesson takes us a little deeper in the development of the bebop line by adding beginnings and endings to your ideas.
    • Part 4 - Lesson 1
      1 video (20:06), 1 PDF file

      In part 4 - lesson 1 of this course we are working on playing the changes with our bebop scales.
    • Part 4 - Lesson 2
      1 video (18:40), 1 PDF file

      In this lesson we look at ways to get from the bebop scale to the three altered dominant sounds.
    • Part 4 - Lesson 3
      1 video (22:26), 1 PDF file

      This lesson deals with using the bebop scale to handle minor ii-V(b9) progressions and using our basic ideas to imply harmony against a given set of changes.
    • Part 4 - Lesson 4
      1 video (19:35), 1 PDF file

      Bebop major scale bonanza.
    • Part 5 - Lesson 1
      1 video (13:39), 1 PDF file

      This lesson is the first of two lessons in which we cover several more advanced exercises to help you develop some fluency with the bebop scales.
    • Part 5 - Lesson 2
      1 video (17:22), 1 PDF file

      The final video of advanced exercises is intended to challenge your physical and mental agility.
    • Part 6 - Lesson 1
      1 video (14:39), 1 PDF file

      Part 6 is all about breaking down transcribed licks from great jazz artists.
    • Part 6 - Lesson 2
      1 video (14:34), 1 PDF file

      This lesson continues working through transcribed ideas from jazz greats.
    • Part 6 - Lesson 3
      1 video (02:37)

      The grand finale!

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Teague Bechtel

I am a freelance guitarist living in Denver, CO. I hold my doctorate in jazz studies from the University of Northern Colorado. I have over 10 years experience teaching at all levels. I most recently served as the instructor of guitar at Casper College in Wyoming. My dissertation on Blue Note guitarist Grant Green is the basis for my first course here on


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