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Bebop Scale Workout

Everything You Need to Learn and Engrain The Bebop Scales

Part 4 - Lesson 1

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master

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In part 4 - lesson 1 of this course we are working on playing the changes with our bebop scales.


Through the use of enclosures, chromatic passing tones, and arpeggios we can shift between key centers using the bebop scales. In this lesson we cover the basics of creating altered harmony over a V-I progression and moving between distantly related key centers using the tools developed in our exercises.

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    Bebop Scales Part 4 - Lesson 1 PDF

    Download this PDF to work through examples related to Part 4 - Lesson 1. These examples all deal with making the changes.

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    Bebop Scales Part 4 - Lesson 1

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    This lesson is the first in this part of the course where we begin playing the changes and developing techniques to deal with distantly related keys and altered V-I harmony.

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