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What Is An Online Teaching Studio?

Studios are customizable so you can turn on the features you want.

  • Video Conferencing

    Host Live Lessons & Events

    You can host live public or private meetings with up to 200 people using video conferencing software. Record directly to the cloud and you set your own prices for live and archived Meetups.

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  • Publish Courses & Lessons

    Publish Multimedia Lessons

    Augment your curriculum by publishing a library of rich, multimedia Lessons and Courses. Use our simple editing tools and set your own prices.

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  • Discussion Forum

    Engage With Your Students And The Community

    Add a discussion forum to your Studio that you can use to energize your students. Post topics and announcements for your community and encourage participation.

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  • Blog About Stuff

    Write Multimedia Articles

    Add a Blog to your Studio where you can write about your interests and experiences, and engage in thoughtful discussions.

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  • Market Yourself

    Tell Your Story & Get Discovered

    Your Studio provides all the tools you need to expand and market your teaching practice online. Each page in your SEO-friendly Studio lets you tell your own unique story about your music, your teaching, and your experiences.

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  • Connect

    Explore Opportunities With Other Members is a community of musicians who are in the pursuit of learning. Our goal is to facilitate connections within this unique community while helping to create new opportunities for everyone.

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Our Mission

We want to make teaching music online profitable, effective, easy, and fun. To accomplish this, we had to step back and re-think what it means to teach music online. Here's what we came up with:

  • Teaching must be profitable so we built a community.

  • Teaching must be effective so we made a slick user interface.

  • Teaching must be easy so we made built-in editing tools.

  • Teaching must be fun and that's where you come in!

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Corey Christiansen's Modern Guitar Community

Corey is one of the best modern jazz guitarists out there and we're honored that he's part of our community.

Recently Opened Studios

Music teachers all over the world are removing geographic boundaries and opening their online teaching studios.

  • jazzpianousa (Reuel Lubag)

    United States

    Piano, Drums

    jazz , Big Band, Bossa, Classical, Gospel, Jazz, Modern Jazz, Reggae, Salsa, Showtunes, Symphony, Theory, Latin, Hymn, Disco, Bossa Nova, Bebop, Funk, Fusion, Rock & Roll, Samba, Swing, Tango, R&B

    Everytime you sit down to play, whether it's a rehearsal or a gig, play like it's the last time y...
  • Scott Diamond- Diamond Bright Piano Studio

    Kenmore, NY, United States


    jazz , Classical

    Bring Out the Music in You
  • Royal Conservatory School (RCS)

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Piano, Violin, Cello, Viola, Double Bass, Voice (or Vocals), Fiddle, Guitar, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Bass Guitar, Bass Guitar, Guitar: Classical, Guitar: Electric, Harp, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium, French horn, Flute: Piccolo, Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet, Clarinet: Bass Clarinet, Clarinet: Alto Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe, Saxophone, Banjo, Steel Drum (Steelpan, Trinidad or Tobago), Percussion

    Classical, Theory, Fiddle Music, Jazz, Jazz Guitar , Celtic, Chamber Music

    Love Music, Learn Music!
  • Bean Music Studio

    Needham, MA, United States

    Violin, Viola, Piano

    Classical, Chamber Music

  • Shaun's Cello Studio

    Boulder, Colorado, United States


    jazz , Classical, Electronic, Modern Jazz, Jazz, Latin, Native US, Bluegrass, Symphony, New Age, Musical Theater Or Musicals, Chamber Music, Folk

    Exploring a new era for the cello!
  • Marcelo Naudi

    PARDINHO, São Paulo, Brazil

    Guitar, Bass Guitar, Guitar: Electric, Guitar: Acoustic

    Metal, Rock & Roll, Bluegrass, Fusion, Bossa, Bossa Nova, Jazz Guitar

    "O Marcelo Naudi foi fundamental na minha forma o musical. Fui seu aluno de guitarra e contrabaix...
  • Patrick Riley

    United States; Kissimmee, Fl, United States


    jazz , Bebop, Afro-Cuban Rhythm, Blues, Electronic, Latin, Bossa Nova, Modern Jazz

    A musician is someone who loads $4000.00 of music gear into a $500.00 car drives 120 miles to a $...
  • David Lane Music Instruction

    Winston-Salem, NC, United States

    Piano, Keyboard

    Classical, Chamber Music, Showtunes, Theory

  • Valencia Giles

    Suwanee, Georgia, United States

    Piano, guitar, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Bass Guitar, Guitar: Classical, Guitar: 7 String, Guitar: 12 String, Thumb piano, Voice (or Vocals), Clarinet: Soprano Clarinet (C clarinet, Bb clarinet, A clarinet, G clarinet), Clarinet: Sopranino Clarinet (Eb clarinet, D clarinet), Saxophone, Flute, Flute: Alto Flute, Flute: Contra-alto Flute, Flute: Double Contrabass Flute, Flute: Piccolo, Flute: Hyperbass Flute, Flute: Contrabass Flute, Flute: Bass Flute, Flute: Subcontrabass Flute, Violin, Tenor Viola, Vertical Viola (Violin Octet Family), Viola Da Gamba (or Viol), Viola, Viola d'Amore, Drums, Bass Drum, Cello

    Punk, R&B, Classical, Musical Theater Or Musicals, Blues, Funk, Folk, Rock & Roll, Gospel, Electronic, Showtunes, Theory, Opera, Chamber Music, Country, Fiddle Music, Modern Jazz, Spanish, Metal, Black Metal

    LSSM is Gwinnett’s Most Award-Winning School! With love as our model and great musicianship as ou...
  • Hewatt Violin Studio

    Redding, CA, United States



    Classically Trained, Suzuki Certified Educator, Performer, & Collaborative Musician
  • Rob Roeder

    Austin, Texas, United States

    Bass Guitar, Guitar: Bass Guitar

    jazz , Blues, Disco, Rock & Roll, Funk, Metal, Country, R&B, Theory

    "Let's play!"
  • Milica Sekulic piano lessons

    Potomac, Maryland, United States

    Piano, Harpsichord

    Classical, Chamber Music

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