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Bebop Scale Workout

Everything You Need to Learn and Engrain The Bebop Scales

Part 5 - Lesson 2

Taught by: Teague Bechtel

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master

The final video of advanced exercises is intended to challenge your physical and mental agility.


These few exercises will punctuate what we have already covered in this course and should give you years of material to practice and ideas to build off of to continue building your mental agility. In this section we cover a leading tone exercise, an enclosure exercise, and several different ideas to practice stringing eighth note ideas together that will take you through all 12 keys of the dominant bebop scale.

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    Bebop Scales Part 5 - Lesson 2

    This video covers more advanced exercises that will challenge your picking, fingering, and metal skills with the bebop scales.

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