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Bebop Scale Workout

Everything You Need to Learn and Engrain The Bebop Scales

Part 4 - Lesson 3

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master

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This lesson deals with using the bebop scale to handle minor ii-V(b9) progressions and using our basic ideas to imply harmony against a given set of changes.


Minor ii-V(b9) progressions can be some of the most challenging harmonic progressions to tackle in a jazz standard. This lesson breaks down the basics of minor ii-V(b9) harmony and how the bebop scales relate to this information. With the knowledge we now have at our disposal we can specifically outline minor ii-V harmony and get to those pesky alternate dominant chords. We finish up this lesson by discussing using implied harmony with the bebop scales.

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    Bebop Scales Part 4 - Lesson 3

    This video covers using the bebop scale to play through minor ii-V(b9) progressions.

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