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Bebop Scale Workout

Everything You Need to Learn and Engrain The Bebop Scales

Part 2 - Lesson 4

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master

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This lesson focuses on building speed and picking accuracy in your bebop scale playing.


This part of the lesson is all about speeding up the bebop scales and developing some fluidity with them on the fretboard. There are specific techniques that we can use to improve our physical approach to the instrument along with how we organize our picking habits. This lesson also covers the basics of swing feel and articulation.

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    Bebop Scales Part 2 Perpetual Motion PDF

    This PDF previously accompanied Part 2 - Lesson 2, but is also used as the basis for this lesson.

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    Bebop Scales Part 2 - Lesson 4

    In this lesson we disect pick slanting and work through more specific ways that you can develop speed and agility with the bebop scales. There is also not a PDF specifically associated with this lesson. Most of the information is contained in the perpetual motion PDF from Part 2 - Lesson 2 which is available to download in this lesson as well.

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