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Do More With Your Teaching Practice

Now you can easily provide an online learning experience for your students with technology that works. You set your own prices.

Studios are how you teach on This Studio is here to demonstrate what you can do with your own teaching studio. This is our demo studio's Home page that can be edited to add a biography, announcements, YouTube videos, testimonials, locations, and contact information.

You can also add pages that adds the following features to your Studio:

  • Meetups

    Host Remote Lessons & Classes

    Integrated with Zoom and compatible with other video conferencing systems, create Meetup pages where you can teach remote public or private lessons and classes. Archive session recordings, upload files, make notes, and have a discussion. Fully featured for remote learning and archiving!

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  • Publish Courses & Lessons

    Publish Pre-Recorded Multimedia Lessons

    Augment your curriculum by publishing a library of rich, multimedia Lessons and Courses allowing your students to learn in private at their own pace. Use our simple editing tools and set your own prices.

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  • Discussion Forum

    Engage With Your Students And The Community

    Add a discussion forum to your Studio that you can use to energize your students. Post topics and announcements for your community and encourage participation.

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  • Blog About Stuff

    Write Multimedia Articles

    Add a Blog to your Studio where you can write about your interests and experiences, and engage in thoughtful discussions.

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  • Market Yourself

    Tell Your Story & Get Discovered

    Your Studio provides all the tools you need to expand and market your teaching practice online. Each page in your SEO-friendly Studio lets you tell your own unique story about your music, your teaching, and your experiences.

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  • Connect

    Explore Opportunities With Other Members is a community of musicians who are in the pursuit of learning. Our goal is to facilitate connections within this unique community while helping to create new opportunities for everyone.

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