Publish Pre-Recorded Lessons & Courses

Build media rich presentations for your students.

Pre-recorded lessons are effective, self-paced learning experiences that leverage your time and streamline your work.


Publishing allows you to reach more students with the same material while also opening up new opportunities for teaching and learning. Now you can easily build a collection of multimedia Lessons & Courses that can be sold to students all over the world!

  • Build lessons that you teach over and over again.

  • Let your students work with them at home.

  • Guide your students through pre-recorded material when meeting in person or remotely

  • Enhanced multimedia experience with live, student discussions for each lesson

  • Reduce the fatigue of teaching the same concepts over and over

Media Files

Classes and lessons often require additional files for sheet music, images, audio, and video. All these files can be marked up with notes that include bookmarks and loop playback locations. Students can also add their own private notes that include their own bookmarks to audio/video playback locations. All audio and video files take advantage of our musician-friendly media player!


Meetup pages include a discussion that can be accessed by all participants. People can use the discussion to communicate at any time, which boosts student engagement and collaboration, and provides a communication channel within the group.

Fees: How Much Does It Cost?

It is free to create publications that you allow your students to access for free, or that you charge them to access using your own payment system. Keep in mind that if you use your own payment system, you will need to grant access manually and no accounting information will be available through your studio.

If you choose to use our Payment Service to sell access to your publications, you will be charged a service fee that is calculated based on the plan that is assigned to your account and the total purchase price of the publication. See our pricing page to compare plans. The service fee will be deducted at the time of the sale, so no out of pocket expenses will be incurred.

Using our payment service takes work off your shoulders by making it easier to manage your financial data and who can access to your meetups.

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