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Kudos From My Students!

  • By Jeff E

    • 13,506
    • 2014-05-30T18:37:57.0Z

    Fantastic teacher!

    I started playing the guitar more than 20 years ago and for a number of years tried to teach myself using countless books and DVDs with little success. None of these materials were able to grab me in a way that made me want to really practice, and I felt as though I was stuck on a plateau. All that began to change the first time my teacher and I had an online video conferencing lesson where I described my goals, and he laid out a step-by-step plan to achieve those goals. It was clear that he had the knowledge, experience, and depth I needed in a teacher. Every lesson covered a technique, song or theory, and the lessons motivated me to practice more and to really internalize the concepts. His approach during our lessons was relaxed, patient, and flexible. His encouragement continues to propel me forward to learn and grow as a musician. I am now a better and happier guitar player, and I've come to realize that musical learning is journey for life!

  • By JP

    • 13,143
    • 2014-05-30T18:51:15.0Z

    Excellent instruction, passionate!

    I took lessons here once a week for 3 years and learned a lot. Not only was my teacher very knowledgeable and professional, but he was also incredibly passionate. It was this passion that inspired me to take music to new levels. I was psyched after every lesson, and in 3 years, I learned more than I ever expected!

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