Students Subscriptions

Offer A Monthly Subscription Service

Our Subscription Service allows you to offer your students a monthly subscription that is automatically charged to them each month. Create one or more plans, each with their own price and offerings. You can include pre-recorded content and setup meetings through your studio, but you could also include whatever external services you want.

Our Subscription Service gives you lots of flexibility in what you offer your subscribers.

Combine Meetups & Publications Into Subscriptions

When offering student subscriptions, you can choose what meetups and pre-recorded publications are included in each plan, which allows you to offer multiple tiers at different price points.

Fees: How Much Does It Cost?

You can charge anything you want for a monthly subscription fee and deducts a small percentage of each renewal, depending on the plan you have. See our Pricing page for details.

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How To Create Your Studio

If you don't have a studio yet, click the button below to signup and create one. If you already have a personal studio that you want to use for teaching, go to your Studio Settings > Visibility and click the Enable Teaching button.

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