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This page lists all the major changes to the platform.

April 6, 2020 - Version 3.3.25

  • Fixed bug that set a Studio's product image as the image for a Course
  • Fixed bug that showed "Watch" button for owners of a product
  • Fixed regression in podcast feeds
  • Fixed social media sharing title for Meetups
  • Fixed twittercard image selection and prevents more than one twittercard image from being output
  • Additions made to Meeting Service help pages
  • Fixed regression where products are considered private when they are not
  • Fixed permission problem when getting processing status for uploaded media files
  • Improved Meetup Session rendering when not logged in or when user doesn't have access
  • Fixes upload regression that occurred when updating to latest version of Dropzone, reverting back to DZ v4.0.1

April 2, 2020: Version 3.3.16

  • Completed help pages for Meeting Hosts
  • Fixed bug when archiving meetups after refunds were issued
  • Allow toggling between private and public Meetups that are free
  • Changed Session name to Episode when a Meetup is a Podcast
  • Fixed order of Episodes in Meetup Podcast feeds
  • Added a Users tab to Lessons and Course Home for authors
  • Fixed when the Watching button did not show when watching a Lesson or Course
  • Fixed when a Meetup page didn't reload after purchasing it and clicking on the order statement
  • Fixed participant count synchronization on Meetup pages
  • Force reload of Meetup pages after user logs in
  • Meetup Session Viewer enhancements

March 28, 2020: Version 3.3.14

  • Adds ability for teachers to grant free access to products that cost money.
  • Improved social media sharing previews for Meetups.
  • Adds support for any video conferencing platform to be used for the Live Meeting Service.
  • Improves rendering of Meetup Session content.
  • Meetup podcast feeds are now separated into separate feeds for video and audio.

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