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615 music studios listed on 41 pages:

  • Bob Ross

    Fairfield, Ohio, United States

    Guitar, Guitar: Electric, Guitar: Acoustic

    Jazz, Jazz Guitar , Modern Jazz

    Music is an ongoing Journey that gives way to peaks and valleys

    MIDDLETON, MA, United States

    Guitar, Guitar: Bass Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Banjo Ukulele, Voice (or Vocals)

    Blues, Rock & Roll, Folk, Classical, Metal, Funk, Country

  • Brad Rau

    West Chester, PA, United States

    Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Electric, Guitar: Slide, Guitar: Classical, Guitar: Bass Guitar, Bass Guitar, Guitar: 12 String, guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica

    jazz , Acid Jazz, Classical, Country, Funk, Fusion, Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Bossa Nova, Bossa, Bebop, Modern Jazz, Acid Jazz, Theory, Tango, Jazz, Jazz Guitar , Funk, Fusion, Folk, Jazz Guitar , Jazz, New Age, R&B, Swing, jazz , Punk, Modern Jazz, Rock & Roll, Swing, Celtic

    "Brad Rau is truly an artist of the first order, taking his place beside the great performers of ...
  • Brenner Music Studio | Sara Marie Brenner

    Powell, Ohio, United States

    Piano, Voice (or Vocals)

    Classical, Country, Folk, Gospel, Musical Theater Or Musicals, Native US, Opera, Rock & Roll, Showtunes, Sonata, Theory

    Piano Lessons, Suzuki Piano Lessons, Voice Lessons - ages 3-adult! Fun, innovative, creative, pat...
  • Brian Berowski

    St.Petersburg, Florida, United States

    Guitar, Bass Guitar, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Classical

    Acid Jazz, Jazz Guitar , Metal, Grunge, Rock & Roll, Punk, Jazz, Blues, Classical

    "If I remain true to what is in my heart, that is all the success I need. -Steve Vai
  • Brian Beshore

    Sunland, California, United States

    Guitar, Violin, Piano, Cello

    Classical, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Chamber Music, Bluegrass, Fiddle Music, Blues

    Music is meant to be enjoyed by all.
  • Brigitte Rafnel

    Redwood City, CA, United States

    Violin, Viola, Piano

    Classical, Chamber Music, Symphony, Theory

  • Brittni Roach

    Hartville, OH, United States

    Piano, Violin

    Blues, Classical, Folk, Theory, Jazz, Sonata, Musical Theater Or Musicals, New Age, Rock & Roll, Gospel, Country, Chamber Music

  • Broadmoor Academy of Music

    Colorado Springs, CO, United States

    Bass Guitar, Drum Kit, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Voice (or Vocals)

    Classical, Country, Jazz, R&B, Rock & Roll

    Are we the right music school for you? The Broadmoor Academy of Music has some of the best teache...
  • Buffalo Cello School

    Buffalo, NY, United States


    Chamber Music, Classical, Folk

    Lessons for children ages three and up in a joyful environment. Conveniently located in the city ...
  • Calliope School of Music

    Sugar Land, Texas, United States

    Piano, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Guitar: 12 String, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Classical, Guitar: Electric, Guitar: Bass Guitar, Drums, Voice (or Vocals), Violin

    Bluegrass, Blues, Chamber Music, Classical, Country, Bebop, Folk, Gospel, Jazz, Metal, Musical Theater Or Musicals, Opera, Punk, R&B, Reggae, Rock & Roll, Showtunes, Ska, Sonata, Swing, Symphony, Theory

    At Calliope School of Music we believe in instilling more than just how to play. We focus not onl...
  • Candid Brilliance Music

    Piano, Trombone, Bass Guitar, Guitar: Electric, Voice (or Vocals), Violin, Viola, Cello, Percussion, Drums, Clarinet, Guitar, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Bass Guitar, Guitar: Classical, Saxophone

    Classical, Jazz, Showtunes, Theory, Chamber Music, Gospel, Opera, Symphony

    Teaching is our favorite! We love sharing our love of music with kids ages 3-99! Our classically ...
  • Cappella Music Academy

    Grapevine, TX, United States

    Voice (or Vocals), Keyboard, Piano, Flute

    Classical, Gospel, Folk, Musical Theater Or Musicals, Theory

    Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent -- Victor...
  • Cara Simpson

    Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

    Violin, Viola


  • Carl Dawson

    Stevenage, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

    guitar, Guitar: Electric, Guitar

    Funk, Metal, Punk, Rock & Roll, Theory, New Age

615 music studios listed on 41 pages:

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