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Fairfield, Ohio, United States

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About Bob Ross

Bob Ross has become known as one of Cincinnati's favorite local jazz musicians with a knack for writing beautiful original works. Since moving to the area in 2010 he has made regular appearances at The Greenwich, York St. Cafe, The Celestial, Washington Platform, Jazz Central, Dicks Den, The Blue Wisp and several other smaller venues and events. Bob has also performed in the Dayton, Columbus, and Philadelphia area and has been regularly featured on Cincinnati's Local 12 as well as Philadelphia's WRTI 90.1. His group has featured many great musicians including JD Allen, Pete Mills, Mike Wade, and Mike Sharfe. 


Bob graduated from Morehead State University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Music and in 2010 from The University Of The Arts in Philadelphia, PA with a Masters degree in Jazz Studies. He has had the opportunity to study with a list of great teachers including Ray Ross, Glenn Ginn, Gordon Towell, Steven Snyder, Tom Giacabetti, Mike Kennedy, Ben Schachter, Don Glanden, Richard Lawn, Jimmy Bruno, and Pat Martino.

Currently, Bob is the adjunct professor of Jazz/Contemporary Guitar at Mount St. Joseph University and a faculty member of West Chester Academy of Music


"Guitarist Bob Ross plays and writes in a style that is reminiscent of Pat Metheny, but he's finding his own path. He has a warm woody tone, and improvises with confidence and authority. Bob knows how to use space and has a real knack for melody in his tunes and solos. I look forward to following his career."

-John Stowell, Jazz Guitarist, Clinician


"Nice Sound and a very creative approach."   

-Jack Wilkins, NYC Jazz Guitarist


"Bob Ross is an excellent guitarist with a bright future! This is a beautiful collection of originals by someone with an ear for melody and strong sense of harmony!"

- Peter Bernstein, NYC Jazz Guitarist

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Location: Fairfield, Ohio 45014, United States

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Bob Ross
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