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615 music studios listed on 41 pages:

  • Barbara Brown

    Silver Spring, Maryland, United States



  • Barbaralee Stuart

    Longview, WA, United States

    Voice (or Vocals)

    Blues, Hymn, Musical Theater Or Musicals, Folk, Opera, Classical

    Those who sing will always find a song.
  • Bass Lessons by Marty B

    Glendale, California, United States

    Bass Guitar, Guitar, Guitar: Electric, Keyboard, Piano

    Acid Jazz, Afro-Cuban Rhythm, Beat, Bebop, Big Band, Bluegrass, Blues, Cabaret, Chamber Music, Classical, Country, Dance, Disco, Folk, Funk, Funk, Fusion, Gospel, House, Jazz, Jazz, Latin, Latin, Merengue, Metal, Musical Theater Or Musicals, Musical Theater Or Musicals, Punk, R&B, Reggae, Rock & Roll, Salsa, Samba, Showtunes, Ska, Symphony, Theory

    It is the low end that monitors the groove and shakes the soul with almost subliminal vibrations....
  • Bean Music Studio

    Needham, MA, United States

    Violin, Viola, Piano

    Classical, Chamber Music

  • Beat Lab Academy

    Los Angeles, CA, United States


    Trip-Hop, Theory, Techno, Rock & Roll, R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Hip Hop, Electronic, Dance, Beat

    Beat Lab Academy offers beginner to advanced music production courses using Ableton Live.
  • Becki Short

    North End, Hampshire, United Kingdom

    Voice (or Vocals)

    Musical Theater Or Musicals, Swing, Rock & Roll, Cabaret, Jazz, Blues

    Friendly lessons tailored to your needs.
  • Ben Carroll

    United States; Canada; Australia; Germany; Bahrain

    Guitar: Electric, Guitar, Guitar: 7 String, Guitar: Acoustic

    Rock & Roll, Blues, Folk, Funk, Fusion, Grunge, Metal, New Age, R&B, Theory

    "I help guitarists become great musicians."
  • Ben Heffley

    Euless, Tx, United States

    Bass Guitar, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Electric, Voice (or Vocals)

    Bluegrass, Blues, Classical, Country, Metal, Punk, Rock & Roll

    Music is my passion and I love to teach.
  • Ben Mikailenko

    Vancouver, Washington, United States


    Classical, jazz , Blues, Theory, Chamber Music, New Age, Sonata, Symphony

    Make music resonate
  • Bietry Academy of Music

    Colorado Springs, CO, United States

    Piano, Guitar, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Electric, Voice (or Vocals), Drums, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Cello, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba

    Rock & Roll, Folk, Bebop, Blues, Classical, Country, Electronic, Funk, Opera, Jazz, Latin, R&B, Gospel, Theory

    Turning Students Into Musicians
  • Bill Burns

    Wheaton, Maryland, United States

    French horn, Trumpet

    Classical, Chamber Music, Symphony

    I've enjoyed teaching french horn and trumpet for over 35 years. I teach beginners to advanced st...
  • Bill Melis drum teacher and guitar riffmaker

    United Kingdom

    Drums, Guitar

    Funk, Punk, Rock & Roll, Hip-Hop, Blues, Reggae, House

    Be groovy, be funky, Bm7th
  • Black Metal Inside

    Diano Marina, Imperia, Italy

    Guitar: Electric

    Metal, Black Metal

    Guitar player. Black Metal
  • BlackBox Music & Arts

    San Antonio, Texas, United States

    Keyboard, Piano, Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet: Basset horn, Voice (or Vocals)

    Blues, Classical, Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz, Musical Theater Or Musicals, R&B, Funk, Gospel, Beat, Rap, Theory

    Enriching Lives through the Expressive Arts
  • Blaine F. Heeter III

    Richmond, Indiana, United States; Huber Heights, Ohio, United States; Miamisburg, Ohio, United States

    Piano, Voice (or Vocals)

    Classical, Opera, Showtunes

615 music studios listed on 41 pages:

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