What Is a Teaching Studio on

Studios are Feature Rich Websites Built for Teaching Music Online

A Teaching Studio on is essentially a powerful website that lets you expand your teaching practice online and set your own pricing.

How Do I Make Money?

There are two ways to make money through your Studio. You can publish rich, multimedia Lessons and Courses using our Self-Publishing Service that costs 30% of each sale*. You can also host live Meetups for 1 to 200 people using our Live Meeting Service that costs 10% of each sale for live Meetups and 30% for archived Meetups*.

What Else Can I Do?

Along with making money, your Studio gives you the tools to engage with your students and build your community. You can create an Articles page for blogging, and you can create a Discussions page to engage with your students. Other notable features include:

  • Manage a list of Contacts for sending emails and for marketing
  • Track all sales and see details of each transaction
  • Customize the appearance of your Studio
  • See metrics on student engagement

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no cost to open a Studio and the only time we get paid is when you get paid.

*Does not include credit card processing fees, which are currently 3% of sale plus $0.30.

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