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A MusicLessons.com Teaching Studio is a powerful website with a collection of pages used for different online teaching activities.

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About Your Studio Pages

The following pages can be added to your Studio, each with a specific purpose to supports your online teaching practice:

  • Home

    Your Studio has a customizable Home page that displays information about you and your teaching practice. You can upload a header, logo, and portrait image, show Announcements. embed YouTube videos, add contact information, show a contact form, add locations where you teach, and enable Testimonials.

  • Meetups

    Your Meetups page allows you host live lessons and events using video conferencing software. Teach remote private lessons to individual students, or to host master classes with lots of participants. Each Meetup is its own learning environment. You set your own price and add as many sessions as you want. 
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  • Lessons & Courses

    Create a collection of multimedia Lessons that are organized into Courses. You set your own prices for each Lesson that can be sold individually and/or as part of a Course. Your students can work with your Lessons at their own pace while working together in-person or remotely.
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  • Discussions

    Your Discussions page allows you to moderate a forum where people discuss topics. Use this page to energize your community of students and to post important topics that you want your students to see. Encourage them to share their experiences and to learn from each other.
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  • Articles

    Your Articles page allows you to write about your interests in your own voice and style. Articles can include rich embedded media including videos, audio, PDF files, YouTube videos, and images. You can create and edit articles directly in your Studio, and you can also import articles from an external blog.
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