Publish a Collection of Lessons & Courses

Augment your in-person lessons with a collection of feature rich, multimedia Lessons & Courses that your students can work at their own pace. Reduce the fatigue of teaching the same concepts over and over.

30% service fee for each sale*, or free when providing free content**

*plus credit card processing fee of $0.30 plus 3% of sale price.
**There is no cost to create Lessons and Courses that are free to your students!

Features include:

  • No Startup fees
  • Set your price, we charge a 30% service fee of each sale*
  • Create stand-alone Lessons, or package them into a Course
  • Lessons can be sold individually, only with a Course, or both
  • Self-paced teaching model augments in-person and remote teaching
  • Enhanced multimedia experience with live, student discussions for each lesson

Self-publishing allows you to reach more students with the same material while also opening up new opportunities for teaching and learning. Now you can easily build a collection of multimedia Lessons & Courses that can be sold to students all over the world! 

**Currently, the Self-Publishing Service is only available to people who are eligable to file income taxes in the United States.

How To Get Started

View our Self-Publishing Terms of Service

If you already have a Studio, all you have to do is turn on your Lessons & Courses page in your Studio Manager on the Pages tab. If you do not have a Studio yet, create your studio and then turn on your Lessons & Courses page.

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View our Self-Publishing Service Terms of Service


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