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Teach Private Lessons and Group Classes

Meetups on offers a robust learning environment for individual lessons and group classes that video conferencing software alone does not provide.

20% of each sale, or free when using your own payment system

*plus credit card payment processing - 3% of purchase price, plus $0.30 transaction fee.

Features include:

  • No startup fees
  • Free Pro Zoom account included and integrated with your Studio
  • Free to use when using your own payment system
  • Host public and private lessons and classes
  • Save session video and audio recordings directly into the Cloud
  • Upload media files to support your instruction
  • Podcast-enabled so you can host your own live Podcast

Use Meetups in your Studio to provide more complete learning experiences for your students. Whether you meet remotely or in-person, you can use Meetups to schedule your remote or in-person lessons and classes, archive session recordings, upload media files, participate in an ongoing discussion, and track your student's progress. 

Meetups can be public or private and can accommodate up to 300 participants when using the built-in Professional Zoom account that comes with your Studio. You can also use any other video conferencing software you want. Recordings of your sessions can be uploaded directly by you, or you can record directly to the cloud if you are using your built-in Zoom account. Archiving session recordings allows your students to revisit lessons, bookmark them, make notes, and continue to work with that material for as long as they want.

Meetups allow you to teach remote private lessons to individual students, or to host master classes with lots of students. Create free Meetups to engage with your students and to foster an enaged community.

How To Get Started

If you already have a Studio, all you have to do is turn on your Meetups page in your Studio Settings in the Pages section. If you do not have a Studio yet, create your studio and then turn on your Meetups page.

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