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Kudos From My Students!

  • By John B

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    • 2020-09-02T01:43:36.0Z

    You can't learn guitar with confidence off of YouTube. Lisle is the greatest teacher I have ever had.

    Lisle is one of the few teachers I know that pushes himself personally on the guitar. He is not stagnant in his own development. You want a teacher that is progressing. I am not the greatest guitarist, but I am pretty confident on the instrument. He doesn't waste time teaching songs, we learn how to play the guitar, any style, any key. I can learn any song I want on my own time. Lisle is the master teacher. I take lessons in person and I have done several Skype Lessons. They work a lot better than I thought. If you don't live close, Skype in. It is worth the investment.
    I write original music. Lisle helps me with all the rough spots. All the cool guitar stuff we do had Lisle's help with it.

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