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I grew up wanting to be a rock star, but when I started making my living as a musician and raising a family I realized that as much as I love performing it was in fact much more rewarding to me to be a guitar instructor. Having an audience applaud my performance was great, but seeing a student "get it" and the light go on, to see the progress a student makes, to know your are helping a student gain the skills to be a musician, that is much more important to me than playing a big stadium.

I believe that studying music blesses your life and blesses the life of those you share it with, so I've had a goal for years to take everything I do, the knowledge I've learned getting my BM in Guitar Performance from Utah State University, the experience I've gained being a performing guitar player in bands, as a solo artist and a session musician, the skills I gain as I practice, and make sure I can use all this to help my students achieve more.

I am not a great natural music talent....and this has helped me be a great teacher. To be successful in my career as a musician I've had to be very thoughtful, analytical, and deliberate in gaining my skills and knowledge, and this has helped me relate to my students, to have patience, and to understand that all students can improve with the proper training and technique. And it's my number one hope that all my students get to love playing guitar as much as I do.

Location: St. George, Utah 84770, United States

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Lisle Crowley
Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. Vince Lombardi

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