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Shreddy McShredderface

Taught by: Lisle Crowley

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master

3 Notes per string scale exercise to help the student shred, change positions, and use for improvisation.


A favorite exercise of my private students that develops technique for both the right and left hand that uses 3 notes per string from the major scale. The exercise switches positions across the neck and teaches the student to switch positions easily and to improvise across the neck. This lesson includes a pdf with standard notation and tablature, a demo video and atutorial video, and a bonus jam track so the student can practice improvising using the tools learned in this lesson.

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    Shreddy McShredderFace Standard Notation and Tablature

    The music for Shreedy in both standard notaion and tablature with fingerings.

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  • Shreddy McShredderFace Demo

    Shreddy McShredderFace Demo

    Demo video for a shredding speed exercise by Lisle Crowley.

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