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Right Hand Flat Pick Technique

Beginner, Intermediate

An introduction to proper right hand picking technique to help students of any level improve speed, accuracy and clarity with a pick.


This lesson includes 2 videos, a pdf of the picking exercise plus an mp3 of a backing blues track.

The first video gives the student a demonstration on the proper way to hold a pick and how to position the wrist so the student can play with speed and accuracy. This lesson is important for the beginning to intermediate student, or students at any level, who feels they need to work on their right hand picking technique.

The second video demonstrates practical application of proper right hand technique over a blues scale exercise. It also demonstrates how to move the arm for the most efficient picking and also to control your sound, including palm muting. A must for students at any level who wants to improve their right hand picking.

The PDF is standard notation and tablature of the Blues Pentatonic Picking Exercise that is used in Video 2.

And for a fun application of the exercise a jam track (backing track) of a band playing 12 bar blues in A is included so the student can have fun while practicing soloing with the blues scale while practicing proper technique. 

  • Video 1-Right Hand Flat Pick Technique

    Video 1-Right Hand Flat Pick Technique

    Learn the proper way to hold a pick and how to play with your wrist to develop the speed and accuracy of your favorite guitar player.

  • Blues Pentatonic Right Hand Picking Ex.

    A pdf featuring both standard notation and tablature of a right hand picking exercise using the A blues pentatonic scale.

  • Video 2-Right Hand Technique

    Video 2-Right Hand Technique

    This video helps the student apply proper picking technique to the blues pentatonic scale and introduce the student to a more advanced technique to help the student gain greater control of their sound.

  • A Blues Backing Track mp3 (Jam Track)

    A Blues Backing Track mp3 (Jam Track)

    An mp3 of full band playing the backing tracks to A blues so the student can practice soloing while practicing proper picking technique.

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