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Opening An Online Teaching Studio on

Expand Your Teaching Practice

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This course provides details about what you can do with an online teaching studio on

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Course Description

This course provides details about what you can do with an online teaching studio on We'll start a broad view of teaching music online and how both teachers and students can benefit from various modes of online activities.

    • Introduction to Live Meetings on

      Learn about the Live Meeting Service and how it is used to host online video conferences with 1 to 200 people. You'll also learn about how much it costs and how to use it effectively for teaching remotely and broadcasting MasterClasses.
    • Introduction to Publishing on

      Learn about the Self-Publishing Service, what you can do with it, how much it costs, and how it can augment your teaching practice.

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Now you can easily provide an online learning experience for your students with technology that works. You set your own prices.

Studios are how you teach on This Studio is here to demonstrate what you can do with your own teaching studio. This is our demo studio's Home page that can be edited to add a biography, announcements, YouTube videos, testimonials, locations, and contact information.

You can also add pages that adds the following features to your Studio:


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