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Learn the jazz language of Grant Green

A Collection of Music Lessons

Taught by: Teague Bechtel

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Learn the jazz language of guitarist Grant Green

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Course Description

In this course we will look at the harmonic and rhythmic vocabulary of Grant Green. We will specifically look at the licks that he used to navigate the changes of tunes by examining the concepts behind the ideas, breaking down transcribed licks, and finally looking at how we can use these ideas in our own playing. This course concludes with a lesson that will provide you with ideas on how to practice this material to engrain the ideas and concepts into your own improvisational material.

    • The Musical Vocabulary of Grant Green
      1 video (01:50)

      This course covers the integral musical vocabulary that is essential to Grant Green's amazing improvisational approach.
    • The Honeysuckle Rose motif
      3 videos (37:08), 3 PDF files

      Green used this famous quote as a springboard to his flowing horn-like jazz lines
    • The 3-b9 Motif
      1 video (26:40), 1 PDF file

      One of the key elements of the jazz language, check out how Green approached it in this lesson.
    • The Blues
      4 videos (28:29), 2 PDF files

      Green never abandoned his blues roots and brought the sound to his jazz improvisations
    • Digital Patterns
      3 videos (41:24), 3 PDF files

      Coltrane made them famous on "Giant Steps," but check out how Green used them in this lesson
    • Minor ii-V's
      2 videos (28:02), 2 PDF files

      Grant Green was one of the best at dealing with this difficult harmonic progression
    • Polyrhythmic Ideas
      1 video (20:12), 1 PDF file

      In this lesson we examine some ways that Grant Green used rhythm in his solos to build energy.
    • Time and Groove
      2 videos (21:27)

      Grant Green's time feel and sense of groove are possibly his most appealing attributes
    • Putting it all Together
      3 videos (21:58), 1 PDF file

      Using the information we've learned from the previous lessons we develop a solo of our own

About The Author

Teague Bechtel

I am a freelance guitarist living in Denver, CO. I hold my doctorate in jazz studies from the University of Northern Colorado. I have over 10 years experience teaching at all levels. I most recently served as the instructor of guitar at Casper College in Wyoming. My dissertation on Blue Note guitarist Grant Green is the basis for my first course here on


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