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615 music studios listed on 41 pages:

  • Gina Georgiana

    Cherry Hill, NJ, United States

    Piano, Voice (or Vocals)

    Big Band, Blues, Cabaret, Classical, Country, Country, Folk, Gospel, Musical Theater Or Musicals, New Age, Rock & Roll, Showtunes, Sonata, Swing, Symphony, Theory

    "It is never too late or too soon to learn!"
  • Glenn Meyer Drum Studio

    Palm Harbor, Florida, United States

    Drums, Percussion, Djembe, Xylophone

    Jazz, Afro-Cuban Rhythm, Bebop, Bossa Nova, Classical, Electronic, Funk, Hip-Hop, Latin, Modern Jazz, R&B, Rap, Reggae, Rock & Roll, Samba, Salsa, Ska, Swing, Symphony

  • Golden Oak Music Studios

    Valencia, CA, United States

    Piano, Voice (or Vocals), guitar, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Bass Guitar, Guitar: Classical, Guitar: Electric, Ukulele, Banjo, Violin, French horn, Trumpet, Clarinet, Viola, Drums

    jazz , Country, Big Band, Bluegrass, Blues, Classical, Gospel, Metal, Modern Jazz, Musical Theater Or Musicals, Opera, Sonata, Theory, Symphony, Jazz, Jazz Guitar

    If students finish their private lessons with not only the knowledge to learn music on their own,...
  • Graehme Floyd

    Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Electric

    Blues, Metal, Rock & Roll, Theory

    Professional Electric & Acoustic Guitar Lessons in London, Ontario.
  • Greg Russell Guitar

    San Diego, CA, United States

    Guitar: Electric, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Bass Guitar

    Blues, Rock & Roll, Metal, Theory, Funk, Fusion, Country, Jazz, R&B

    San Diego's Premier Guitar Lessons
  • Groove Academy - School of Music

    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    Drums, Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Clarinet: Alto Clarinet, Clarinet: Basset clarinet, Clarinet: Basset horn, Flute, Flute: Alto Flute, Flute: Piccolo, Saxophone, Percussion, Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Timpani, Djembe

    Classical, R&B, Rock & Roll, Theory, Afro-Cuban Rhythm, Big Band, Blues, Country, Gospel, Hip Hop, Grunge, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Rap, Reggae, Salsa, Samba, Showtunes, Ska, Ska, Sonata, Swing, Symphony, Funk, Fusion, Chamber Music, Disco

    We Create to Inspire, & Inspire to Create
  • Grosse Pointe Music Academy

    Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, United States; Canton, Michigan, United States

    Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Flute, Guitar, Guitar: 12 String, Guitar: 7 String, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Bass Guitar, Guitar: Classical, Guitar: Electric, Keyboard, Piano, Saxophone, Saxophone: Alto Saxophone, Saxophone: Baritone Saxophone, Ukulele, Viola, Violin, Voice (or Vocals)

    Bluegrass, Classical, Country, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Metal, Reggae, Theory

    "Music is a multi-dimensional art form that has unlimited possibilities" -Henry Bahrou ?GPMA Scho...
  • Guitar Inspiration

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Guitar: Classical, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Electric, Guitar: Bass Guitar

    Classical, Blues, jazz , Metal, Rock & Roll, Latin, Country, Fusion, Theory

    Guitar Lessons in Kiev and on Skype for all ages with English speaking teacher, professional guit...
  • Guitar Lessons Brisbane

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

    Guitar, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Electric, Guitar: Classical, Guitar: Bass Guitar, Bass Guitar

    Rock & Roll, Blues, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Metal, Funk, Jazz Guitar , Reggae, Grunge, Punk

    Learn to play your favourite songs, express your creativity, with a teacher who genuinely wants t...
  • Guitar Lessons by Marty B

    Glendale, California, United States

    Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Guitar, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Slide

    Afro-Cuban Rhythm, Big Band, Bluegrass, Blues, Classical, Country, Disco, Jazz, Latin, New Age, R&B, Reggae, Rock & Roll, Showtunes

    Playing guitar harnesses both the power of a storm and the calmness of a smooth lake: it creates ...
  • Guitar lessons for the beginner and intermediate!

    London, United Kingdom

    Guitar: Electric, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar

    Funk, Grunge, Jazz, Metal, Rock & Roll, Hip-Hop, Punk, R&B, Reggae, Country

  • Guitar Lessons in Ogden - 6 String Guru

    South Ogden, Utah, United States

    Guitar, Guitar: Electric, Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Classical, Guitar: Bass Guitar, Guitar: 12 String

    Folk, Rock & Roll, Bluegrass, Blues, Funk, Country, Classical, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Grunge, Gospel, Fusion, New Age, Theory

    You can tuna guitar but you can't tuna fish
  • Guitar Lessons In Portland, Oregon

    Portland, OR, United States

    Guitar, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Electric

    Blues, Bossa Nova, Jazz Guitar , Theory, Folk, Funk, Rock & Roll

    Learn guitar in Eugene, Oregon. Get easy, fun guitar lessons to help you play your best.
  • Guitar Lessons London:London Guitar Academy

    LONDON, United Kingdom

    Guitar, Guitar: 12 String, Guitar: Classical, Guitar: Electric, Guitar: Slide, Bass Guitar, Guitar: 7 String, Guitar: Bass Guitar, Guitar: Steel Guitar (or Pedal Steel Guitar), Guitar: Acoustic, Banjo, Banjo Ukulele, Banjo Mandolin, Ukulele, Piano

    Blues, Bluegrass, Big Band, Bebop, Reggae, Samba, Metal, Punk, Rap, Jazz, Latin, Celtic, Cajun, Classical, Dance, Country, Fusion, Funk, Folk, Ska, Grunge, Gospel, Musical Theater Or Musicals, Native US, Swing, Theory, Big Band, Showtunes

    Guitar lessons London. Live Love guitar in London with London Guitar Academy. Book your guitar le...
  • Guitar Lessons Toronto by Rey More

    Toronto, Ont, Canada

    Guitar, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Electric, Guitar: Classical

    Blues, Classical, Country, Dance, Disco, Metal, Rock & Roll, Reggae, R&B, Theory, Funk, Folk, Fusion, Gospel, Jazz

    Music is life, love, passion and hope so live with it in your heart! Rey

615 music studios listed on 41 pages:

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