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You can meet with teachers on and access recorded archives of your meetings using our Meeting Service!

This new service uses the video conferencing software to connect to the meeting, and the teacher can record sessions (audio and video) that you can access as archives.


A Meetup page is where you connect with a teacher using this service. Meetup pages are organized by topic and can have any number of Sessions. A Session is a specific date and time when you connect using the Zoom video conferencing application. Sessions can be recorded and archived.


Free Meetups are free to attend. Meetups that cost money will include an additional $1.99 service fee at the time of checkout that covers the cost of attending live sessions.

What Is a Meetup?

A Meetup page is where you connect with a teacher and has a topic name, description and any number of Sessions. Meetups can be free or can cost money, depending on how it was setup.

Meetups can be public or private, and up to 200 people can attend.

Requesting a Meetup?


What Is a Meetup Session?


How To Attend a Meetup


Participant Capacity

A live meeting session has a limit of 200 participants, including the host (the teacher). There is no limit on how many people can access archives of past meetups, but if any live follow-up sessions are scheduled for archived meetups, only the first 200 people will be able to connect. However, everyone will be able to view any recordings that are made of follow-up sessions.

Requirements To Attend A Live Meetup Session

In order to connect to live, remote Sessions, the Meeting Service requires video conferencing software to be installed on your device. You will need to use the software that the host is using, which will be specified in the Connection Settings of any Session.

The required software may already be installed on your device. You will only need to install a new version if your current version requires a re-install.

The Zoom video conferencing application is integrated into studios and may be the software that the host is using for a given Session. However, the host may specify any software.

If you need to install video conferencing software, is recommended that install the software at least 30 minutes prior to your Session so that you can configure the software and restart your device if needed.

Zoom system requirements can be found here:

Download the Zoom video conferencing application installer here:

Note: Video conferencing software is not used to access recordings of past Sessions. It is only required to join live sessions.

How To Get Additional Help & Support

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