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Major Scales Course For Bass Guitar

The Major Scale unlocked!

Taught by: David Bundy

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  • Lessons4
  • Contains
    5 videos (27:01), 2 audio files (04:15), 8 PDF files
  • Abilitiesintermediate, beginner
  • VersionVersion 1.5
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Course Description

A series of video lessons and PDFs explaining the major scale and how to play it on the Bass.

You will to how to build a major scale, how and where to play them on your bass, how the scale is used in chord building and chord progressions. Also, there are play along tracks of Drums and Guitar to put your new knowledge to work. You get to be the bass player.

    • Play along video. G Blues PDF
      1 video (02:53), 1 audio file (02:06), 2 PDF files

      I am playing along with the audio track for G Blues. I am playing the notes and TAB on the G Blues Chart.
    • Play along video. Key of A. Roman Numerals PDF
      1 video (05:56), 1 audio file (02:09), 1 PDF file

      I am playing the Triads for the Key of A to the 12 Bar Blues. At the 5th fret and from the open A. We learn how to change and play in different keys.

About The Author

David Bundy

David started down his musical path at an early age, playing piano as a kid, and switching to trombone and then drum set in middle school and high school. After college, moving to bass guitar. Studying through his vast experience in music to learn the bass along with teachers and classes for technic. 

Playing around town in a few working bands through his high school years. His desire to teach sprouted during his years studying percussion at Brevard College in North Carolina. After college David took a few years off from music to work in Yellowstone National Park, and quickly decided he wanted to remain in the Tetons and in music.  He eventually settled in Teton Valley and began his teaching career in 2001.  David now teaches drums, guitar, and bass guitar at his home studio off of Ski Hill Road in Driggs.  Between his time at the local ski hill and in his home studio he keeps busy playing in numerous bands in the area, covering several genres, including rock, jazz, Latin jazz, Americana, blues, country, and bluegrass.  He currently performs throughout the western U.S. as the bassist for Aaron Davis and the Mystery Machine and Wyatt Lowe and the Mayhem Kings. Keeping it close to home with his original songwriting band Ticket To Space and playing recently with Nicolas Meier, (Jeff Beck band, Steve Vai opener on Europe tour). 


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