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Major Scales Course For Bass Guitar

The Major Scale unlocked!

Building and playing major scales.

Taught by: David Bundy


Learn how to build, play and use the Major Scale on your Bass.


This is when you are introduced to the scale and shown 2 major scale patterns for you to learn all over the fingerboard.

You will learn how the scale is built on whole and half steps.

You will be using the Major Scales/Sharps PDF and Intervals PDF

  • Video 1 Major Scales Lesson Course

    Video 1 Major Scales Lesson Course

    This uses the Major Scales/Sharps PDF and the Intervals PDF

  • Major Scales - Flats

    Scales and key signatures for the key of C through Gb.

  • Major Scales/Sharps G through F#

    This PDF shows the major scales and key signatures for keys G through F#

  • Major Scales Intervals

    This PDF shows how a major scale is built with half steps and whole steps.

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