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Major Scales Course For Bass Guitar

The Major Scale unlocked!

Play along video. Key of A. Roman Numerals PDF

Taught by: David Bundy

All Abilities

I am playing the Triads for the Key of A to the 12 Bar Blues. At the 5th fret and from the open A. We learn how to change and play in different keys.

  • 12 Bar Blues Roman Numerals only

    A 12 Bar Blues with Roman Numerals only for changing keys.

  • Play Along Key of A

    Play Along Key of A

    I play along with the recording at the 6th position, A and the open A.

  • Key of A Play Along. Drums and Guitar

    Key of A Play Along. Drums and Guitar

    This is the play along track is key of A with Drums and Guitar. You will be the bass player.

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