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Corey Christiansen's Master Class Workshop

Archive Of Corey's Live Lesson Series

Taught by: Corey Christiansen

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Course Description

Roughly 30 minute "live online workshops" by Corey Christiansen have been recorded and archived and are available for you to access.

For a number of years, Corey was the guitar clinician for Mel Bay Publications. During this time he conducted countless workshops and masterclasses around the world giving him the experience and understanding needed to present complex information in an "easy to digest" manner. This course is a collection of live workshops and lessons that were offered to students each month covering an almost three year period. The subjects were derived from questions from guitar students from around the world and therefore almost make up a "FAQ" type curriculum. Everything from comping, voice-leading, soloing techniques, substitutions, solo guitar playing and technique are covered in these lessons/worksops. Each lesson has a plethora of material and information. The relaxed presentation of these lessons makes it very easy to learn and understand what is being taught even though many of the subjects are at an intermediate to advanced level. Guitarists of any level will appreciate the teaching and the information that is presented in these lessons.

    • Chord Embellishment
      1 video (32:28), 1 PDF file

      Learn how to add color and emotion to your chordal playing through chord embellishment.
    • The Back Door Substitution
      1 video (30:12), 1 PDF file

      The "back door" substitution is a harmonic and melodic substitution that will instantly add flair to your sound. This lesson provides an explanation of this musical device and will help you master this sound.
    • Playing Tension Tones
      2 videos (32:57)

      Knowing and to create, control and resolve tension in your lead playing is one of the most important skills to master and will give you true depth to your guitar playing. This lesson teaches you how to add more interest into your improvisation by learning these tricks to creating tension and rele...
    • Right-Hand Technique
      1 video (29:24)

      Increase your right-hand speed and accuracy while reducing your chance of injury and fatigue.
    • Deveolping Speed And Relaxation
      1 video (35:41)

      It is time to Learn to Burn! Relaxation and velocity go hand in hand. This lesson gives even more insight and practice into developing velocity with accuracy, finesse and most importantly playing fast with GOOD TIME!
    • Diminished Harmonies
      1 video (42:20), 1 PDF file

      This lesson unlocks the function and applications of diminished chords. You will learn how to analyze, approach and improvise over diminished chords.
    • Triad Soloing
      1 video (39:19)

      Having control over the harmony when playing a melody in jazz is paramount. This is the first step in being able to improvise in jazz or any style competently.
    • Blues Comping
      1 video (35:30), 1 PDF file

      Learn how to use chord substitutions and other techniques to 'jazz up' your blues playing
    • Harmonization Ideas
      1 video (32:44)

      This lesson presents some ideas on the art of constructing a solo guitar piece. Harmonization techniques will be discussed that will help you take your arranging to a new level.
    • Harmonizing Diatonic Lines With Parallel Motion
      1 video (36:20), 1 PDF file

      Guitarists like Wes Montgomery, Johnny Smith and many others were masters of chordal improvisation. This lesson covers technique that will allow you to use chords in your improvisations.
    • Diatonic Harmonization: ii for V Substitutions
      1 video (08:30), 1 PDF file

      Th "ii for V" essential substitution technique will instantly give you more options for adding chords whiling comping or arranging for solo guitar.
    • Pentatonic Comping - Part One
      1 video (30:06), 1 PDF file

      In this lesson you will learn a new approach and techniques that will allow you to use the pentatonic scale for interesting harmonies and comping. This concept will make your chord and lead playing really stand out.
    • Pentatonic Comping - Part Two
      1 video (36:11), 1 PDF file

      This lesson adds more to your arsenal of pentatonic comping through introducing quartal voicing inversions.
    • Improve Your Bebop Chops with the 3 to b9 Motion
      1 video (36:23)

      It is time to get your bebop playing together! This lesson presents a technique used by literally every strong bebop player to date. Start getting more of an authentic jazz sound together 3 to b9 techniques.
    • Secondary Dominant Workshop - One
      1 video (27:31), 1 PDF file

      Secondary dominants are a staple in all styles. They create strong chord progressions with lots of fantastic voice leading. Create more interesting chord progressions using this essential technique.
    • Secondary Dominant Workshop - Two
      1 video (35:40)

      Learn how to manipulate and super-impose secondary dominants in your playing to get even more interesting sounds.
    • Secondary Arpeggio Workshop - One
      1 video (36:53), 1 PDF file

      This lesson presents an affective way to gain control using chord substitutions and introduce some 'outside' ideas in your lead playing.
    • Turnarounds - One
      1 video (32:39), 1 PDF file

      The turnaround is an essential element of jazz harmony and cannot be overlooked by today's improviser. This lesson will help you navigate this essential component of jazz repertoire.
    • Turnarounds - Two
      1 video (31:03), 1 PDF file

      The turnaround is an essential element of jazz harmony and cannot be overlooked by today's improviser. This lesson will help you master the art of the turnaround.
    • Coltrane Changes
      1 video (32:50), 1 PDF file

      "Coltrane Changes" are now a staple of the jazz language and every serious jazz guitarist should be familiar with them and know how to navigate them while comping and soloing. This lesson will put you on a solid trajectory to understanding these chord progressions.
    • Coltrane Changes On Modal Vamps
      2 videos (1:00:52), 2 PDF files

      This modern system of improvisation on modal vamps developed by John Coltrane will add a level of complexity and beauty to your soloing.
    • Triad Pairs Workshop - One
      1 video (34:06), 1 PDF file

      Triad pairs are a very cool concept that will add a very modern flair to your lead playing as well as your comping
    • Triad Pairs Workshop - Two
      1 video (30:23), 1 PDF file

      Soloing with triad pairs is an intervallic approach to improvisation and a concept that will add a modern flair to your soloing. This lesson discusses this approach over functional harmonic progressions.
    • Triad Pairs Workshop - Three
      1 video (31:38), 1 PDF file

      Soloing with triad pairs is an intervallic approach to improvisation and a concept that will add a modern flair to your soloing. This lesson discusses this approach using ideas from the melodic minor scale.
    • Triad Pairs Workshop - Four
      1 video (35:52), 1 PDF file

      Triad pairs are an interesting intervallic concept and approach to improvising that will add a very modern flair to your improvisations.
    • Passing Chords
      1 video (30:21), 1 PDF file

      Learn how to use diminished passing chords to enrich your comping, solo guitar playing and improvisational skills.

About The Author

Corey Christiansen

Corey has authored or co-authored over 70 method books and projects for Mel Bay Publications. He has written many articles for many of the major guitar magazines in North America and Downbeat Magazine. He has the developed The Modern Guitar Community, an online guitar-learning site. He currently is the music head at Education Advantage (an online accredited high school) and on the board of advisors for Corey currently teaches at Utah State University and has taught as an adjunct professor at the famed Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University (2008-2013), BYU-Idaho and is an outreach educator for Caleb Chapman Music. He is also an artist-in-residence at Atlanta Institute of Music (Atlanta, GA), and Broadway Music School (Denver, CO)


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