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For years I conducted countless workshops and master classes around the world giving me the insight and experience to present material in a concise and precise manner. These opportunities gave me intimate insight into so much information over the years that I feel I’ve developed one of the strongest curriculum out there. My curriculum is comprehensive and while at times it may seem difficult, it covers all aspects of this music. My goal is to create a curriculum and community that will fill in the gaps that exist in many advanced players as well as provide the groundwork for aspiring guitarists through audio/visual and printed means. 

For this reason I have broken down my curriculum into sections and will be adding new lessons on a regular basis. These lessons are layered. This means that there are some advanced concepts and some beginning concepts and through the years (each month) lessons will be added to each level ensuring a comprehensive journey that guitarists at all levels will have something to work on every day. Even advanced musicians often have holes and gaps in the playing regarding “simple” concepts. Be sure to go through every aspect of this curriculum and fill in your own gaps.


Check Out my Factory Girl Indiegogo Campaign!

Because many of my students have asked about my recordings (and purchased them in the past), I'd be remorse if I didn't let you know about the indiegogo campaign I launched today to fund my next record, Factory Girl. This is a great project and I hope you all will consider being involved on some level (even if that just means sharing the link with friends that might be interested). Thanks. Here's the link:

My New Position at USU

I recently accepted a new position at the Utah State University! “The tradition of guitar at USU was started by my father Mike Christiansen and I look forward to bringing my real-world experience in performance, publishing, teaching and networking to build on the excellent foundation he created over 30 years ago.”

Location: Logan, UT 84335, United States

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