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Kudos From My Students!

  • By Joey H

    • 51
    • 2017-02-04T04:42:19.0Z

    Absolute shredder

    i went into lessons with Quintin having already been able to play guitar, but not quite where I wanted to be. I wanted to play Hendrix, but equally I wanted to play like Van Halen. Quintin is deeply versed in the Hendrix style, melodic like playing, but he is equally an impressive shredder. There is no style you can throw at this teacher that he is not a master of. He is also someone who I've become good friends with; he is a very friendly, funny, outgoing teacher who will do anything to see you succeed. 10/10 Highly recommend!

  • By Blake R

    • 51
    • 2017-02-04T03:54:06.0Z

    Inspiring, knowledgeable, out of this word!

    I have taken been lessons with Quintin for several years, and he is certainly one of the best. When I was young, I always had a dream of becoming a great guitarist, but I didn't know how to go about it, until I met Quintin. I feel like Quintin had the keys to open up the doors for my musical journey. One of the things I love about him, is that he is just so inspirational. Everything from his tone and his playing is just so unique and on another level, that you can't but help feel the desire to reach to new heights with your own skills. His outlook on music and life is also just so positive that you can't help but smile when you are having a lesson with him. Because of him, I was introduced to a whole new dimension of music that I never even knew existed. He also has a strong fundamental understanding of the guitar and music that he can easily explain any concept that you are asking about or are interested in. The way he teaches made my lessons each week just a great joy, and I was always excited to learn something new. The bottom line is, is that you can't go wrong with Quintin. If you take lessons from him, or purchase any of his courses, I am sure you will agree that his teaching will take you and your playing beyond the 3rd dimension, into realms beyond imagination.

  • By Danny V

    • 51
    • 2017-02-04T03:39:49.0Z

    Best Teacher Ever

    Quintin is awesome. He teaches in a way that's easy to understand but super informative. He has relevant information for any skill level. He was quick to respond to my requests and really personalized my experience. If you want to not suck at guitar, this South African axe slayer is your guy!

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