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Thank you for checking out my lessons, I am grateful.

My background and teaching approach:

My interest in playing guitar started out in the early 90's and was rooted in hard and alternative rock. My world pretty much changed the moment I discovered the mind blowing playing of both Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. I was so inspired and remember a period where I sort of sat practicing / meditating for hours with the guitar. I worked through so many instructional videos, at the time, they were mostly technique based videos which really did help my chops back then. I played and practiced for about 10  years before I decided to take the plunge and go and study at GIT in Hollywood. I love the teaching side of guitar and used all the information given to me by all the amazing players and teachers I have met along the way, to formulate my own style. I'm still working on it, and I am hopeful that this will help you. 




Location: Shadow Creek Drive, Carmichael, Sacramento 95841, United States

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Quintin Louw
See it, Feel it , Touch it, Taste it. Everything in your mind first and your fingers will follow ~ Dan Gilbert

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