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Music Is Not My Life


Music has been a major part of my life, more life an obsession. At one point I would have even proclaimed that music is my life. As my journey has progressed I have realized that music is not my life, but rather a part of my life. This is not to say that music is a "side project" of sorts. Music is ever present in my life, a background in which memories and emotions are kept alive.

The fact that music is such an integral part of my past, present, and future gives substance to the obsession i still maintain. However, it has come to my attention that there are those that claim that if you're not constantly wrapped up in "the scene", then your commitment to music is subpar. Before that assumption is made, first consider the journey each of us pursue. Several of us have decided to have families. No matter how obsessed we are with music and the career path, family will come first! There are certain sacrifices that are made In order to maintain a family life and all the expenses involved.

The so called sacrifices being made are not truly sacrifices, but rather decisions based on priorities. My priority, as well as many of my musician friends, is to continue a career path that provides substance to not only my goals, but to the well being of my family. I support all of my fellow musicians, but understand that when my weekly schedule does not entail much family time that the free time that does surface will be prioritized towards precious minutes strengthening the family bond.

Given that we are all responsible for our paths, then the use of excuses is pointless. Does this mean that a different career path should be chosen? Does this mean music is not as essential to those that have chosen not to hang out for hours away from there families? Does that mean music is just a hobby to those such as myself?
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