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The Scene


You often see those involved in music referring to "The Scene". What is "The Scene" like? How do I break into "The Scene"? You have to be part of "The Scene"! So how did I initially break into "The Scene"?

I have taken a different approach than many others. My main goal has been to communicate with others through music and to do this I immediately began reaching out to venues and then finding those musicians that I feel can present the music I have created in the most purist form. This has allowed for me to have the opportunity to perform with many great musicians while finding those that align with my journey the most.

Some may question if this has deprived me of opportunities and relationships that could have been formed if I would have chose to "Hang" instead. Maybe. However, I have had a very precise vision of where I wanted to take my music while lining up gigs that can support my family. This mixed with a busy teaching schedule has filled my time.

I suppose you could say that I have formed my own "Scene"of musicians that I feel can help me create and communicate my musical thoughts.

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