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My Practice Routine Doesn't Matter


As musicians we are all guilty of asking those with more experience and accolades about their practice routines. We dig for nuggets of information, the one piece of info that may excel our current stage of development. We even go as far as to inquire the gear our favorite musicians use. Here's the catch. IT DOESNT MATTER!
Sure knowing the ingredients of a great practice routine can give us great insight, but each of us has an interest in particular musical ideas, melodies, harmonies, etc. by focusing on these elements that interests us as well as those items we need to improve upon is the key to developing a strong practice routine.
Keep in mind that we are all on a musical journey. We each have reached a certain mike marker that coincides with our desires and personal lives. Being persistent and understanding that the journey is "The Thing" will help to ease the anxiety of finding the perfect practice routine.
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