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During this time of year our thoughts are usually focused on those that are near to us and those that are no longer with us in the physical world. As a musician I use the tools that I am most familiar with to create a landscape that brings memories to life. A perfect example is a song of mine entitled Spheres.
Spheres was one of those songs that came to me quickly. I wrote the melody within fifteen minutes and the harmonic structure is based around three chords. At the time I was listening to Bill Frisell and although I am not a huge fan, I respect the beauty that emerges from his simplicity. This is an element that I knew I wanted to incorporate into a composition and in fact did. Since the piece is written to express only the most basic elements, I am always fascinated by the interpretation that each musician brings. My interpretation always comes from those memories shared with a truly influential and loving soul.
The bigger picture and maybe the bigger question is where did the influence come from on a personal level. I will tell you. When I was younger I remember sitting outside with my grandma and looking up at the night sky. I remember being afraid and also being mesmerized by the vastness of space. We would sit outside and talk as we swung on a porch swing. In 2000, my grandma passed away close to my birthday. She was only 59. As I was writing the song I remembered those times that we shared and every time I perform the song I feel as though I am re-creating the memory and bringing it to the present day.
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