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Balancing The Scale Of Teaching & Performing


This year marks my 10th year teaching professionally and 13yrs of professionally performing. What have I learned? It is a give and take. Some years yield great opportunities for gigging while other years average low. At least for my liking.

Of course I want to perform more! However, at this stage of my life I need to focus on continuing to build a solid foundation (financially). This makes it difficult to justify traveling long distances to do gigs that offer little in compensation or choosing gigs that pay less than an equal amount of teaching.
This is not a complaint but a recognition of the reality. Yes there are private events that pay large amounts. Most are one offs though.

I am grateful for any opportunity to share my music! At this stage, maybe performing will take a step back to teaching. And although I truly enjoy both, and although I am very persistent on finding more performance opportunities, I find a bit of disappointment in that the scale is not balanced.

I have a new series on my YouTube channel call Bob Ross & The Art Of Guitar. Take a minute to check it out and leave some suggestions.
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