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What is Kodály method?


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What is Kodály method?

The Kodaly method, a theory of music study that develops a complete artist through the exceptional musical experiences. This kind of approach emphasizes a classified introduction of musical ideas, the use of vast music from all over the globe and a total sensory education experience. Every concept is learned via aural, kinesthetic, visual and cognitive movements so that the learner has full mastery over the musicology. We practice this strategy to ensure that every trainee develops as a complete artist: That is, they could play great, also read well and know all musical notions.


Though Zoltan Kodaly did not exactly develop this method, there is no discredit it was established under his administration during the early 50’s. Zoltan Kodaly, born in Hungary and studied how to play violin, cello, and piano without conventional schooling. He progressed to write music and also grew close friends to Bartók. He got his Ph.D. and earned critical recognition for his performances, particularly music that was intended for children. He composed many of music, then put on concords with young artists, wrote many items and conducted speeches. Kodaly passed on in the year 1967.


That music instruction is most efficient when begun early and that everybody is capable of harmonious literacy. Singing is emphasized as the basis for musicianship and the application of folk and created music of great artistic merit. Music is core curriculum.

Benefits of This Technique

Children listen to native folk melodies that will develop to the great music of different countries and experiences as the lessons improve. They can play musical instruments, then sing and also dance from the mind as they gain mastery of musical abilities. Children will master to read music and also compose. Some of the devices utilized in the Method usually are the tonic the sulfa, hand signs and also rhythmic continuation syllables.

Parent’s Involvement

The parent usually takes a passive position, and it is the music instructor who will be the fundamental tutor. The method is sequenced and then structured, closely linking to a child’s natural improvement.

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What is Kodály method?

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