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Inspiration from the Life of Bill Evans


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Inspiration from the Life of Bill Evans

Bill Evans was an American Jazz composer and pianist born in New Jersey in 1929. He received his education from Southeastern Louisiana University. He also received an Artistic Diploma from Mannes’ School of Music. During his career as a pianist, Bill focused on impressionist harmony and inventive interpretation of traditional jazz. He also did block chords and sung melodic lines, which are still influential in the world of jazz.

Bill Had a Difficult Childhood

His father ran a golf course but had a heavy drinking problem, which made his relationship with Bill's mother very difficult. He had an elder brother with whom he shared a very close relationship. His father's behavior often forced his mother to seek shelter at her sisters in a nearby town known as Somerville. It is at this time that Bill started his piano lessons with Helen Leland, a local teacher. By then he was about five years, and although he seemed young, he mastered the piano.

Bill Served In the US Army for Three Years

After his high school diploma, Evans joined Southeaster Louisiana University where he founded the SLU's Delta Omega group. The group was part of college band. He also played as a quarterback in the college football team. After college, he teamed up with his bassist friend, Jim Aton. They performed as a duo in clubs. Evans was however invited to join the army where he served for three years. During these years, he joined the Army Band where he played the flute, piano, and piccolo.

Bill Lost His Confidence after Leaving the Army

Evans period in the army was traumatic and greatly affected him. After leaving the army, people started questioning his music. Consequently, he lost his confidence in his ability to make beautiful music that is acceptable to most of his intended audience. He also started using drugs especially marijuana. However, in 1955, he returned to New York where he joined a music school once again and he focused on music compositions. After completion, he started performing in small clubs. He finally managed to get a breakthrough when he started performing in big clubs alongside Tony Scott, Don Elliot, and Mundell Lowe.

Inspiration from the Life of Bill Evans

Your beginning might be humble, but the end makes your effort worthwhile. Although Bill had a difficult childhood with a drunkard father, his talent in music blossomed at an early age. Moreover, it is important to serve others even if you have an extraordinary talent that can earn you lots of money. Bill was a patriot. He served in the army for three years. The years after he had served his country were traumatic for him. He lost his confidence, but he was able to pull himself together and pursue his initial dreams. Similarly, if life events give you a setback, it is for you to gather yourself up, move past that, and make positive changes in your life.

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