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Inspiration from the Life of Claudio Arrau


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Inspiration from the Life of Claudio Arrau

Claudio Arrau was a Chilean pianist widely recognized for his profound interpretation of baroque music and for his 20th-century repertoire. His expertise with the piano earned him praise among his contemporaries. They considered him as one of the greatest pianists of his time. Claudio Arrau was born in 1903 and he died in 1991. He started his career in music at an early age growing up as a child prodigy. He received a 10-year-long grant by the Chilean government to study in Germany when he was 8 years old. He received numerous awards in subsequent years.

Interesting Facts about Claudio Arrau

Professional piano players normally have someone in the family who played the instrument or any other instrument professionally. That was not the case in Claudio's family. However, that did not stop him from learning to read music before he could read books. At the age of four, he was fluent in reading the Beethoven sonatas and when he reached six years, he presented a piece for the President of Chile.

How the Piano Improved the Life of Claudio Arrau

After his presentation before the Chilean president, Claudio was offered a scholarship that took him to Germany. In Germany, he got a chance to study under Martin Krause, a former student of Franz Liszt. He learned how to deliver full Beethoven sonatas among many other recitals. His skills made him famous in different parts of the world and he was widely celebrated.

How the Piano Can Improve Your Life

Knowing how to play the piano can open up opportunities for you. Additionally, being a master of the instrument can help you stand out within your family. In other words, you can create your own legacy. Finally, it is possible to learn from other people and cultures as long you stay dedicated to the passion that is driving you to excel. Claudio was able to learn German, Italian, French, and English despite having no formal education.

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