Yvonne Fischer-Aein

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Columbia, MD, United States

Piano, Voice (or Vocals)

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Chamber Music, Classical, Musical Theater Or Musicals, Opera, Showtunes, Theory

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About Yvonne Fischer-Aein

I'm a graduate of West Chester University with a degree in Music Education Vocal/Choral.  I started taking voice lessons at the age of 9.  I have been teaching private voice, beginning piano, and recorder since 1994.  I'm a member of VoiceCare Network.  I was a previous member of the Music Teacher Association of Bowie (MTAB) and held the position of corresponding secretary from 2000-2002.  I have performed with the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Chester County PA, 2nd Star Productions of Bowie MD, and various churches.

Location: 10126 Owen Brown Rd., Columbia, MD 21044, United States

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Yvonne Fischer-Aein
I see my life in terms of music. A. Einstein

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