The Cadenza Company School of Music

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Grand Prairie, TX, United States

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About The Cadenza Company School of Music

Our mission is to provide a fun environment in which our students can excel. Our vision is to inspire them to discover and develop skills that will generate a lifelong passion for creating music, whether through composition or performance. ​

Music lessons have been proven to foster personal, social, and academic development, and they afford a multitude of benefits that can last a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been told that you can’t hold a tune or that you aren’t coordinated enough to play an instrument, everyone has the potential to improve their musical skills. ​

We are dedicated to helping Cadenza students explore their talents, discover their skills, heighten their creativity, delve into their imagination, and expand their horizons.

Location: Grand Prairie, TX 75052, United States

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The Cadenza Company School of Music
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