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About Roberto Cavallo

I always felt like moods are naturally related to which exact way music is perceived by the listener. And that's what I do, I try to funnel moods through the music I write.
Music is very important for creative people, as a source of inspiration or even as an enhancer for the messages one wants to send. Unless I've signed a millionary contract with Warner Bros, you can find your mood, the music you need, inside my YouTube channel, and guess's free. You need a rock tune for your YouTube series, there you go. You need to write a noir novel, but you want some background music that could help you feel as you are inside a noir set, well you can find all of those things in there. 
So long, for now.

Location: Italy

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Roberto Cavallo
I am a finger pointing to the moon. Don t look at me; look at the moon" Translates to "I am a guitar making music. Don t look at the guitar; look at the music"

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