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About Rebeca Pérez Valladares

Hi! I'm Rebeca (or Riv, Rifká...), and I'm all about the bass!

My musical journey began at the age of 9 when I fell in love with the deep tones of the contrabass at the municipal school of music El Capricho. After exploring singing and guitar as a teenager, I found my true passion in the electric bass at the 21st Century School of Modern Music in Madrid.

In Spain, I toured with the band Grim Comet before moving to Finland in 2017. After taking break to study other things and reassess, I realized my calling was in music, and I studied classical music in Tampereen Konservatorio. Now, I'm continuing my studies online with Miguel Colmenarejo (from 21st Century in Madrid).

Armed with the combination of both classical training and real-world experience in a metal band, I'm excited to share my love for bass with you!

Let's make some music together!

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Location: Finland

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Rebeca Pérez Valladares
You can hear the guitar, but you can feel the bass - Someone with whom I agree

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