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About RI Kids Create Music School

RI Kids Create Music School (RIKCMS)

I have been teaching children piano for the past ten years at community centers and after school programs. The school has been open for three years now.  I have taught individually and in groups using keyboards and upright acoustic pianos.

I was also a member of a praise and worship team at Word of Life Church in Cranston, RI for three years.  I have prepared teaching on creative worship on videos which are available below.  I am giving voice lessons for anyone who wishes to sing in a group or solo.

We currently have seven piano teachers, two guitar teachers, two drummers, a drum maker, a drum repairer, one trombone teacher, a choral director, and a teacher who is qualified to teach all brass instruments.  Our teachers are graduates of music schools and/or performers, and some have composed music and/or are skilled in improvisation.  Some have performed with or opened for professional or semi - professional bands.

Children learn how to read music, music theory, and keyboarding skills.  Beginners learn simple nursery rhymes and other childhood songs that can be played first with the right hand only.  They progress to easy versions of songs played with both hands.

Intermediates learn the key signatures so that they can play easy versions of classical songs by Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.  Recitals are held when children are ready - usually after seven lessons.  I will be incorporating math, computer, and English Language skills in many of the lessons in order to enrich the children.  I strive to make the lessons as enjoyable as possible.  I am currently teaching in homes.  Lessons are now available on Skype and via webinar.

We are now offering acoustic, electric, and bass guitar, bass, American and African drumming, and trombone, and all brass instrument lessons for beginners and intermediates.  Genres include Rock, Roots, Swing, Country, Cajun/Zydeco, Classical, Afro-Carribean, Jazz, Blues, and Praise and Worship.   Must be aged six and up for all lessons.  We will be forming a children's choir soon.  We will also offer workshops in African drumming and drum making and Contemporary African Dance.  

We are offering the one week sessions of Busy Beaver Piano Camp and Happy Hands Watercolor Painting for six weeks in the summer 2015.  For more information, contact me.  RI Kids Create Music School is available on Skype.  ID is RIKidsMusic.  



Michael Cohen has just joined our group of teachers.  An extraordinarily skilled drummer, he has experience in performance.  He is available to give one - hour lessons in your home in Pawtucket, East Providence, Riverside, and the East side of Providence.  If interested, email me.  

Now offering Rhythm & Keys Workshop featuring Sidy Maiga - learn African Drumming and enjoy piano and drums improvisation.  Call today!  401-297-6681..

Join RIKCMS City Choral Group

Now taking applications for choral group.  No experience necessary, will train.  We sing every year at the Providence Bruins Hockey Game. Members receive free hat, free drink, and free popcorn.  Family and friends can attend the event for $20 and wil also receive free hat, drink, and popcorn.  Annual Membership fee for singers - $150.

New Workshop!

Learn How to Play Piano Chords - being offered at Avery Piano  - 

Sign up for one-on-one instruction on the chords and inversions.  If you have been seeking a way to improve your music, move to the next level with this intensive class.   Children with at least two years of experience playing the piano are ideal candidates.  All sessions are one half hour long and students will be asked to complete assignments at home.  Must have a piano or keyboard at home and at least one hour a day to practice.  Sessions available Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 4:30 pm and on Saturday by appointment.  Sign up today!

Now offering Rhythm & Keys Workshop featuring Sidy Maiga - learn African Drumming and enjoy piano and drums improvisation.  Call today!  401-632-3917.

Lessons are now available via Skype and webinar, as well as private home lessons.  We now have a program for toddlers aged three to five. 

T-shirts are available at: and  Sizes available for children, men, and women.  Visit the site today!

We are forming a parents group - PTEAM - for parents of creative children.  (Parents for Technology, Education, Arts, and Music.)  Here is the URL :  My new book for parents of musical children will be available soon.  

Join our mailing list on our blog for more information on the group and my new book.  We will be holding meetings in RI, but you can still join if you reside outside of RI and we will Skype you into the meeting.

Subscribe to our blog at

Our website contains a vast selection of books and sheet music. Check the "Links" and "Photos" at

I have formed a choral group, the RI Kids Create Choral Group.  Our first performance was at the Providence Bruins game on December 4, 2015.  The groups sang "Silent Night" at the second intermission.  Please contact me if interested in joining, ages14-18.

Location: xxxxxxx, Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871, United States

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