Music school " Musamuse" École de musique

Private Classical Guitar, Piano, Music Theory lessons and Guitar Ensemble by professional teachers

Music school " Musamuse" École de musique

Montreal, Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada

Guitar, Piano, Guitar: Classical

Youth, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master

Afro-Cuban Rhythm, Celtic, Chamber Music, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Latin, Samba, Tango, Theory, Polka, Rock & Roll, Sonata, Swing

In Person, Remote, Online Content, Group Classes, Accredited School

  Private Guitar, Piano, Music theory and Classical Guitar ensemble  by professional,certified and experienced teachers.
Any level, more then 30 years teaching classical guitar.
Preparing students for examinations and auditions RCM and McGill
Free guitar for beginners.
Call 514-781-4338
For details visit:
     Cours privés de guitare, piano , theorie musicale et ensemble de guitar classique ,
Nous vous prêtons une guitare cassique sans frais tout le temps que vous en aurez besoin, pendant que vous prenez des cours avec nous.
Vous pouvez commencer à jouer de la guitare sans tarder.
Nous préparons nos élèves pour passer des examens et des auditions. RCM et McGill
Appelez au 514-781-4338
Pour plus de details, visitez:





514-781-4338 /


Location: Montreal, Pierrefonds, Quebec H9H4B9, Canada

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Music school
Guitar and Piano lessons .Private and Online. Music theory, Classical guitar, Pop, Jazz, and more. For beginners students free classical guitar. Take online lessons. See my web page:

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