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Peoria, AZ, United States

Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Electric, Bass Guitar, Guitar: Classical, Guitar: 7 String

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 Hi, I'm Jason Shepherd, I currently live and teach in Peoria, Arizona. I have performed and taught lessons throughout Arizona and in Texas. I've been involved in music for the last 24 years. I studied classical guitar in school, taken lessons from great music instructors in Arizona and dedicated myself to researching many guitar, bass and drum programs. In 1999 I became a full time music instructor. I teach and play many styles from classical to metal. In 2001 I began developing 5 instructional DVD courses teaching general guitar, bass, fingerstyle guitar, punk and metal guitar. Some of the bands I have been involved with over the years have performed with national acts. I also play guitar, bass, drums and sing in bands I have created and in my own solo projects.

I have taught guitar, bass and drum lessons throughout Arizona since 1999, mainly in Prescott and the metropolitan Phoenix area. I also taught in Austin, TX from 2008-2009. I instructed at my personal studio, traveled to student's residences, and at a music store called Arizona Music in Prescott, AZ.

Location: Peoria, AZ 85345, United States

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Jason Shepherd
Hi, I am Jason Shepherd. I'm located in Peoria, Arizona. I've been involved with music for almost 25 years. I teach guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, ukulele and recording.

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