Heinzel Kunsmann

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States; Port Washington, Wisconsin, United States; Port Washington, WI, United States


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Heinzel has 7 years of teaching experience in a private piano studio setting and 15 years of teaching experience overall. His students have ranged in age from 3 years to 73 years, beginning levels to advanced levels, and a vast variety of musical interests. He holds a Doctor of Musical Arts in piano performance from the University of Kansas which he was granted in December of 2005.  His beginning and intermediate students learn out of a method series book. Intermediate students’ lessons are supplemented with scales and larger pieces of music in the style of the student’s interest. More advanced students explore formal classical and/or jazz repertoire. Heinzel is currently very interested in finding students who are eager to take lessons via Skype. For more information, please visit his website at

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226, United States

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Heinzel Kunsmann
Let music be your guide to hear, see and believe what you want to hear, see and believe.

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