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About ZOT Zin Guitar Lessons in Los Angeles & Online

Los Angeles Guitar Classes

Hi and welcome to my guitar classes home.  Below I'll give you some information on my history as a guitar instructor and info about our Los Angeles based classes in our studio and our Online Classes for those that want to visit L.A. virtually!

Learn to Play Guitar

I have been teaching guitar for more than 20 years and am able to provide to you what I received, which is all of the knowledge and skill that comes with a Berklee School of Music education and decades of playing and instructing.

My fellow teachers and I, in our Los Angeles Guitar Classes regularly teach all levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced and for all ages from infants to our elders.  We all play many styles from Blues and Jazz to Rock, Folk, Classical, Raggae & Ska to Latin and Caribbean among many others.  

Our method of teaching focuses on the way you physically approach the guitar (how you hold it, how you strum or finger-pick, how you hold your hand on the neck, etc.) and learning how to do these things in a way that fits your body can allow you to spend more time learning and playing comfortably. 

We also teach classical and electric guitar with the ability to either learn both or to specialize in one or the other.  You can also learn music heory, song-writing and much more.

Check out our Los Angeles Guitar Lessons or even our Online Guitar Lessons which are done via Skype.

Let us know if you have any questions and feel free to give us a call to start learning guitar today!

Location: 3163 Weldon Ave, Los Angeles, California 90065, United States

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ZOT Zin Guitar Lessons in Los Angeles & Online
Learning to play guitar is a lot more fun and far easier than you might think. What makes it even more fun is how really simple it can be to learn to play guitar because the easier it is, the more quickly you can learn and the more time you have to play what you want. We teach many types of playing from acoustic to electric and from Rock to Jazz, classical and many other styles. Our students run the range in age from young kids just starting out to elders who have always wanted to learn. Our guitar classes range also from beginner to intermediate and advanced so you can find that there's a whole world of learning no matter what level you fall into. Contact us today and talk to Vreny or one of our other instructors to get started on the awesome voyage of learning to play guitar. You'll be happy you did. :)

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