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  • Classical Guitar Study Books


    This is the updated list of the guitar study books for Trinity College grade exams Aural 1a) Trinity College London Aural Tests Book 1  Initial Grade to Grade 5 (2017): 1b) Trinity College London A...

  • Guitar Books


    This is a short list of essential and classical guitar books (from Amazon) that I grew up on and teach from: 1) For acoustic guitar: Eric Clapton Unplugged 2) For electric guitar: Joe Satriani Surf...

  • Small but smart: guitar amps recommendations


    These are 2 guitar amps recommendations which are compact and useful: 1) Roland Micro Cube GX Guitar Amplifier Black this guitar amp by Roland is compact, light, has all the necessary effects and i...

  • Guitar Accessories: Essential Pack


    I searched Amazon for quality guitar accessories at a good price and came up with this essential pack which will be enough for beginners. Click on the images to purchase it directly from amazon : 1...

  • String Theory


    You look at your guitar and see its rusty strings and you don t really remember when was the last time you changed them. That means it s probably the right time to get a new set of guitar strings I...

  • Blues and Eastern Fusion


    Check out my columns I write for Guitar World about Blues and Eastern fusion. The first part was about blues and using the east-european feel:  [link] The next part will be about far east and blues...

  • 3 Important tools for any guitar student


    The first one I would like to recommend is the website   [link] Hope this helps! The post 3 Important tools for any guitar student appeared first on Udi Glaser - guitarist, guitar teacher, composer .

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